Consumer Rights

Many consumer rights cases unfortunately end up with claims started ay HMCS aka the County Court system, because regrettably,m whilst there is plenty of consumer protection legislation out there, many companies still ignore this and rely on scare tactics or that consumers will just give up with a legitimate claim. Many retailers, although obviously far from all, also rely on ignorance of consumers. A good example of this is a policy that returns will not result in money back, when this is against consumer’s strict rights, although the retailers will generally caveat those comments with “your statutory rights remain unaffected”. Some retailers or others who deal with consumers also include every conceivable exclusion or limitation of liability in their contracts as well, notwithstanding that such clauses will be overridden by law and do not do the sellers any favours if the case reaches courts.

Most consumer claims end up in the small claims court. This is good in one sense bad in another. The small claims process is much faster and less rule based than other claims, but there are no costs generally which means that some defendants simply string out the case as long as they can.

What are your thoughts and experiences of consumer law ? Please let us know.