How to find good conveyancing solicitors

There are thousands of conveyancers in England & wales, whether solicitors or licensed conveyancers. Prices differ quite considerably with some lawyers incredibly offering, ion the face of it, to act for as little as £250.00 plus vat. Not only is this often a ruse because costs are added in other areas where they shouldn’t be, by merging legal fees with disbursements (the amounts the solicitors pay out on the client’s behalf for searches and such like) but there have to be question marks about the level of legal attention given to the matter and service levels.

Quite simply, as we all know on one level or another, you get what you pay for, and going with a cut price solution when it comes to any kind of legal matter is rarely a good idea. The frustration for solicitors is that clients do not understand that to undertake a conveyancing matter properly, whether sale or purchase and not a combination of both, will take up to 10 hours of work for property lawyers. If you work out the hourly rate and then factor in business overheads such as staff, professional insurance and such like, even at say £750.00 plus vat, conveyancing really pays very little for solicitors.

Setting aside costs for a moment, how can you tell if a conveyancer is any good ? This question has been helped to a degree by a far more stringent approach by lenders, as solicitors for buyers commonly also act for the buyer’s lenders. Many lenders are not removing firms from their panel of solicitors who they have checked and do not meet their standards or who have a poor disciplinary record.

One simple and effective new method available to check the quality of conveyancing solicitors is now that there is a Law Society accreditation, the Conveyancing quality standard, which means that any firm which has that accreditation has been carefully checked for competence and efficiency by the Law Society and, perhaps even more importantly, this monitoring is undertaken on an ongoing basis.

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