Corporate law

Corporate law is otherwise known as company law, business law and it now also covers the important ares of intellectual property rights and IP law.

A narrow definition of corporate law would be company law, that is to say the legal status of issues such as the Companies Act, shareholders rights, corresponding directors duties and the rules regarding company administration.

In a  wider context, corporate law and corporate lawyers will deal with a whole range of business related advice, business contracts, disputes and advice on areas such as employment law.

When people think of corporate law, there is also a tendency to think about the biggest law firms that deal with huge matters such as flotations, mergers and acquisitions and so forth, but the vast majority of commercial law bits of work relate of course to small business and include such things as shareholder agreements, drafting terms of business or advising on commercial leases and such like. Below are a range of law firms that offer these services and you will be able to see then difference in tone, approach, services offered and not least likely cost, so it;s important to find the right lawyer and law firm for your needs, at the right legal fee rate.