IP law

What is IP law ?

Intellectual property (which is commonly abbreviated to IP) is a dynamic complicated area of the law.  However, it is important for any business, of any size – from the smallest sole tradership wanting to protect its trademark, to the biggest business wanting to apply for a patent on an invention they have come up with.

Intellectual property can be thought of in the same way as “physical property”; it is capable of being bought and sold, licensed and leased.  It is also something that can be stolen.

What services can intellectual property solicitors help with ?

Intellectual property solicitors provide a comprehensive range of intellectual property services, including:

  • Intellectual property audits, to make sure you are aware of your IP rights, exploit hitherto unexploited opportunities (such as leasing unused IP rights) and not infringing other’s IP rights.
  • Drafting of and advice intellectual property leases and licenses
  • Drafting of and advice on franchising, agency and distribution agreements
  • Advice on research and collaboration agreements
  • Patent applications and enforcement both home and abroad
  • Domestic and international searches for patent applications
  • Trademark applications and enforcement both home and abroad
  • World-wide counterfeit IP monitoring
  • Advice on website law and domain protection
  • Intellectual property dispute resolution
  • Advice on data protection law
  • International intellectual property advice
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