An interesting development in personal injury – this is a controversial area of law, with an explosion in the numbers of claims, clear evidence of exaggerated and fraudulent whiplash claims, claim and counter claim relating to referral fees and who is encouraging a so-called compensation culture.

In reality, all of this reflects badly on all involved whether lawyers, insurers or even the general public. One potential outcome of this is that those who are genuinely injured through no fault of their own feel guilty or ashamed to make a claim, due to the perceived stigma of doing so. This would be a shame, particularly since no win no fee genuinely works with personal injury claims – the lawyer has to know what they are doing, as otherwise they will; go out of business and the client gets to pursue a claim which they probably wouldn’t otherwise be able to do in a David vs Goliath type scenario, going up against defendant insurers who have deep pockets and know how to fight tactically.

So, it’s refreshing that some firms are already thinking of ways to change perceptions, and one such firm, Lloyd Green Solicitors, have launched a groundbreaking initiative by linking up with the RNIB. Their scheme provides that for any claim they take on via the RNIB connection they will pay £300.00 of the fees to RNIB. This shows social responsibility on behalf of both the client and the lawyers and may, in a small way, start to change perceptions.

We applaud this move, and have no doubt that others will follow these trendsetters.