Let’s face it, tradesmen in general and builders in particular, have a rather tainted reputation with the UK general public.

As with many industries, the majority of trustworthy and skilled contractors face the problem that the few that are unscrupulous give the rest a bad reputation.

This was why the Government considered setting up a Qualitymark standard so that the general public would be able to discern with more confidence those in the construction or building industry and other trades from those perhaps where caution should be exercised.

The same reputational issues affect may industries and the legal industry is no exception.

There tends to be a perception that solicitors will seek to maximise their charges and that all lawyers are “fat cats”. In fact, in reality there is a major divide between lawyers working for the biggest corporate law firms, and the smaller high street or general practices.

The difference between the pay and job which these lawyers do could not be more pronounced and in fact many high street lawyers earn less than £40,000.00 for a job which is extremely stressful and technical.

Our aim is to encourage an informal debate over quality standards not under the auspices of government and we will be developing this site as resource for pooled information about varying standards of service and ability for a range of different suppliers. We encourage people to come forward and say positive things where they have had positive experience, as we are perhaps all becoming accustomed too much simply to complaining about bad workmanship or service and not providing good feedback where merited.

In the meantime, some examples of useful legal services we have found can be visited by clicking here.

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